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Advanced Swiftwater Technician Training

A few of us from the RAT team just finished up advanced swiftwater rescue training with Rescue NC and Air Force ParaRescue (PJs) from the 308th. It was an honor to train with these men that serve and protect our country! [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6525,6524,6523,6522,6521,6520,6519,6518,6517,6516,6515,6514,6513,6512,6511,6510,6509,6508,6507,6506,6505,6504,6503,6502,6501,6500,6499,6498,6497,6496,6495,6494,6493,6492,6491,6490,6489,6488,6487,6486"]
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RAT Grotto

251' deep Ferris Pit in Tennessee. [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6460,6464,6459,6457,6462,6461,6456,6458,6455,6454"]
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