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A weekend of caving with the RAT crew

[gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6554,6558,6561,6560,6540,6559,6557,6536,6549,6556,6553,6552,6551,6550,6547,6555,6546,6545,6544,6543,6542,6541,6539,6538,6537"]
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RAT Grotto

251' deep Ferris Pit in Tennessee. [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6460,6464,6459,6457,6462,6461,6456,6458,6455,6454"]
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Exploring Valhalla

  Exploring¬†Valhalla - Wendy Randall I did a double-take. Yes, that was the silhouette of a snake, no more than 10 feet away from where I stood. He was sunning himself in the small beam of light that managed to seep through the mouth of the cave entrance some 230 feet above. The morning had…
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