Ditch Med pics from this weekend’s class

2 Responses

  1. This was an awesome class. I have attended many medical courses through out my 20+ years in Law Enforcement, but I learned something new about every piece of gear I carry in my Med kit during this course. It tested me mentally and physically. The scenarios were great, well thought out and very practical. Teamwork is a must in a real life event and this course capitalizes upon that by forcing people who are from all walks of life to set aside petty differences to come together and complete a mission, save a life. If you are on the fence about attending, do it. It is money well spent.
  2. WOW! Was completely overwhelmed with information. I didn't realize before just how important this information will be regarding team operations. The very knowledgeable cadre worked hard at putting everything together for us, and I enjoyed the realistic scenarios that pitted us against the elements and "father time" as well. This course, coupled with the Bushcraft class has provided me with many tools that could help me to save lives.....mine included. Job well done y'all.