Kevin Reeves

Kevin Reeves is currently an Aerospace Engineer at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama working with the US Army Special Operations Helicopters and the 160th SOAR (A). He has been a Volunteer Fire Fighter (FF2), EMT Basic, Fire Instructor 1 and Light Rescue Team Leader with Monrovia Fire/Rescue in Madison, Al. for the last 8 yrs. He is also a member of the Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit (HCRU) with specialized training in SRT, Wilderness Hauls/Lowers and NFPA 1006 Rescue Technician (Cave Rescue I/II). He also holds a certification as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician. Kevin is an avid horizontal and vertical caver and has led many trips to known and new caves, rappelled and climbed out of deep pits and multi-drop cave systems in the Southeastern United States. His passion is for High Angle Rope Rescue and Search and Rescue. He has a continued interested in combining the best parts of SRT, canyoneering, mountaineering, cave rescue and NFPA style rescue techniques/equipment to find the best solution possible in training and real life scenarios. Kevin also enjoys hiking, backpacking, scuba diving, land navigation, survival and bushcrafting skills.

Assistant Cadre