2019 Colorado Backcountry Travel

2019 Colorado Backcountry Travel


July 26-28, 2019

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Randall’s Adventure & Training and Hill People Gear have teamed up to offer a truly unique class in the beautiful Colorado high country.  This is an introductory class for those adventurous souls that want to venture off the beaten trail and into the backcountry.  We will be at elevations ranging from 9000-10,500ft above sea level and traveling largely off trail so be in shape and prepared for daily travel at elevation.


  • Food selection (during lead up phase – instructor evaluation of individual packing lists, etc.
  • Gear selection and proper backpack fit-Required gear list provided
  • Altitude, Acclimation, and Concerns
  • Homeostasis / energy envelope (theory and practical decision making)
  • Basic land navigation and wayfinding
  • Off trail route selection and safety considerations
  • Camp site selection and shelter orientation
  • Critter awareness (track identification, land usage patterns, spotting, some behaviors)
  • Knife and tool safety and use
  • Fire making (modern and primitive)
  • Camp tools and cooking considerations


  • Tent or Hammock and tarp
  • Water containers (Nalgene bottles, camelback etc)
  • Water filter
  • Ferro-cerium rod and/or lighter
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Cordage (550 or bank-line, enough for setting up your tent/hammock)
  • Light weight quick drying clothes
  • Hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandanna or shemagh
  • Trekking poles (if needed)
  • Toilet paper/wet wipes
  • Food/snacks for 4 days


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