2017 Single Rope Techniques (SRT)


2017 Single Rope Techniques (SRT)


April 21-23, 2017

This course is designed for anyone interested in vertical single rope skills in a controlled and safe environment. If you travel off-trail in steep environments or simply want to learn skills for canyoneering, caving and rappelling, this is the class. We begin at the very basic level and finish with the student performing advanced single rope techniques. This course complies with the standards set forth by Randall’s Adventure & Training’s Job Performance Requirements (JPRs).

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This 3-day Single Rope Technique (SRT) class is designed for the beginning vertical rope practitioner (no previous rope experience required). The following subjects are covered both in a classroom and field environment: Equipment, anchors, knots, belays, descending, ascending, change-overs, knot passing and self-rescue in a single rope vertical environment.

Gear Requirements:

Long pants, hiking boots, leather rappelling gloves, snacks or lunch easily prepared in the field. Due to safety precautions, all technical rope gear will be provided, however, if you have a personal harness or helmet, please bring them. We suggest studying our online SRT course outline before attending this class. Each class is limited to 12 students. Upon successful completion of JPRs (Job Performance Requirements), a certificate of training, SRT Patch and class knife are awarded to the student. Completing this class qualifies the student to attend our High-Angle Rope Rescue Class.


Randall’s Adventure & Training – Gallant, AL. Please read the FAQs concerning the venue.



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