2017 Tactical Rope (LE Only)


2017 Tactical Rope (LE Only)


March 15-17, 2017. Future dates to be announced.

You must submit a letter from your department or training officer stating you have been approved for this training. Email this letter and your credentials to Patrick Rollins after you have added this class to the cart and checked out. If we do not receive the letter and credentials you will not be registered for this course.

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POST credit applicable. This class is limited to 10 students. This 3-day course will focus on vertical access rope skills that can be utilized by Law Enforcement Officers / SWAT teams. The goal is to enable LEO’s from basic to intermediate level experience the ability to select duty grade vertical rope access hardware, set up and oversee basic vertical rope access operations in a dynamic law enforcement atmosphere, urban or rural, and certify attendee’s to the Department of Homeland Security & FEMA Tactical Unit / SWAT Level 3 Vertical Rope Access standard. View the class Job Performance Requirements and the classroom powerpoint. This class is taught by Randall’s Adventure & Training and law enforcement / SWAT instructors with over 20 years experience in tactical vertical rope access skills. The instructor cadre brings a vast knowledge of vertical rope access and rescue experience to the class.


All students must be certified Peace Officers by their jurisdiction respective to state law or be department sponsored Tactical Medics. No previous rope experience required. This is a fast tempo course designed for real world tactical and rescue application. A professional and team player mindset is mandatory.

Essential Equipment

  • Aluminum or steel Rescue 8
  • Level 2 rappelling / climbing harness
  • Quality leather gloves
  • Two Screw gate locking carabiners 22 Kn or higher rating
  • BDU type uniform w/ sleeves
  • Duty handgun, belt and holster
  • Duty grade boots
  • Kevlar or sport type helmet
  • Rain gear
  • Head lamp

Optional Equipment

  • Gasmask w/ carrier
  • Night vision devices
  • Hydration carrier
  • Duty long gun
  • Department issued gear (such as plate carriers, body armor, eye & joint protection)




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