Just finished the two day course. I never thought that I would find a course with so much information packed into such a small time frame. Time on the range was beneficial as I am at best a novice with a scoped weapon. The instructors Sgt. Howard and Lt. Robertson were very knowledgeable and patient with the many questions that I had. I am extremely happy that I am able to bring something tangible back to my department. I am looking forward to the advanced sniper course in the future.

Phillip Barrett,

I highly recommend The Basic Sniper Course. Sgt Hal and LT Steve bring several decades between them of dedicated swat sniper experience to this class. You will come away a better shooter, stalker, partner and a couple of shooting qualifications (FBI, ASA) to put in your toolbox. More importantly, you will learn tricks of the trade that would normally take years to obtain. They pack a lot of information in the time you are there. Yet another solid class from Randall’s Adventure Training.


WOW! Was completely overwhelmed with information. I didn’t realize before just how important this information will be regarding team operations. The very knowledgeable cadre worked hard at putting everything together for us, and I enjoyed the realistic scenarios that pitted us against the elements and “father time” as well. This course, coupled with the Bushcraft class has provided me with many tools that could help me to save lives…..mine included. Job well done y’all.

Allen Rogers,

Having 17 + years in Prehospital Medicine, SAR, and Tactical Medicine, I have to say this class is absolutely essential for anyone doing SAR, EMS, SWAT, Mission Trips, Expedition Travel, Back Country Hunting, Hiking,Etc. Hugh Coffee is an unbelievable wealth of information and experience. One of best instructors I have ever had the privilege to train with. This course is challenging high tempo and hands on , it provides anyone regardless of background with essential life saving knowledge and skills for the wilderness/ outdoor environment. Hugh and the RAT Staff are EXCELLENT and this course is highly recommended. I learned and took so much away from this course that it will benefit me rest of my career.

Evan Clyburn,