Off-Road Driving Techniques

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July 10-11, 2021


Location-  Cosby, Tennessee

Class size limited! Only two people allowed per vehicle. Camping on site.

Is your vehicle straight off the showroom floor, or do you have a lift, big tires and all the shiny gear? Is this your first-time off the pavement, or do you have years of experience? No matter! This class offers something for everyone.  

Learn how to improve your off-road driving skills, become more familiar with your vehicle’s technologies, and understand how to make them work for you. Explore ways to avoid getting stuck and the best equipment to use when you do. Practice the art of spotting, discover the limitations of your current setup and what steps to take to improve your rig with a cost/benefit mindset. 

We spend the first morning in the classroom then put the principles into practice during a trail run where it all comes together. 

We will also cover the basics of overnighting in the woods, such as different camp setups, knife and tool safety and use, fire making, camp cooking and more.

Requirements: A vehicle with low range, a full tank of gas, and a good attitude, that’s it! (Well, proper clothing for being outdoors, water and a lunch help, too.) 

Lead Instructor: Ben Wooten. Ben is a former lead instructor for the Land Rover Experience in North Carolina and currently the lead instructor for Classic 4X4. 

Contact Patrick Rollins for more information: Ph: (256) 613-3834, email: to get on the roster.