Utah Adventure

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August 23-26, 2019

Location: Boulder Mountains (Escalante area), Utah

This breathtaking trip of a lifetime allows students to experience the beauty of southern Utah’s Grand Staircase Escalante Monument region.  Three days and nights hiking and camping along the Great Western Trail in some of the most beautiful country on earth, finishing with a fourth day spent rappelling in a canyon. Instructional topics covered along the way include:

  • Backpacking basics
  • Campsite selection and set-up
  • Knife and tool safety and use
  • Fire making (modern and primitive)
  • Water purification
  • Basic land navigation
  • Primitive traps and snares
  • Rappelling (all technical gear and harnesses provided)

Participants should be in good physical shape capable of hiking 10+ miles/day with a backpack at elevations around 10,000 feet.  We will be covering 30 miles in the first three days on foot, then traveling by vehicles to the canyon.

There will be fishing opportunities at some of the camping locations.  Students interested in fishing will be required to provide a copy of their Utah fishing license.  A non-resident 3 day fishing license is only $24.00.


  • Tent or Hammock and tarp
  • Water containers (Nalgene bottles, camelback etc)
  • Water filter
  • Ferro-cerium rod and/or lighter
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Cordage (550 or bank-line, enough for setting up your tent/hammock)
  • Light weight quick drying clothes
  • Hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandanna or shemagh
  • Trekking poles (if needed)
  • Toilet paper/wet wipes
  • Food/snacks for 4 days

For more information contact Patrick Rollins: Ph: (256) 613-3834, email: patrick@randallsadventure.com.