Who We Are

Randall's Adventure and Training (RAT) and ESEE Knives are owned by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin under the parent corporation TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc. 

RAT has led numerous expeditions and training courses in the Amazon jungles of Peru and across the United States with a clientele ranging from military and law enforcement teams, to film crews and professional adventurers. Since their beginnings on the floor of the Amazon jungle in 1997, the RAT team now averages over 100 days a year in the field and has evolved into one of the top outdoor training schools in the United States. Whether it's exploring a mountain peak in Colorado, canyoneering in the red rock country of Utah, teaching survival in the Amazon jungle of Peru, instructing technical rescue courses to first responders in austere environments, or hiking and caving in remote areas of the Southeast, the team is always testing new gear and techniques for the extremes of the modern day adventurist. They also have their own machine, fabrication and sew shops, as well as destructive testing capability, where they continually design, fabricate and test new gear for the outdoor markets.

Gear Sales

The gear listed for sale on this website is gear the RAT team uses in their classes and adventures. Our gear selections are focused on wilderness survival, land navigation, recreational rope work and lightweight technical rescue since these disciplines are our specialties. Pricing on most of the products offered on this website is dictated by the manufacturer's MAP pricing policy. RAT does not drop ship from the manufacturer, so if a product is shown in stock on the website, then it is in stock and ready to ship. If you are a first responder, please email us with your credentials and we will email you a coupon code that will save you a substantial amount off the listed price. 

Search And Rescue

The RAT team are also members of a non-profit SAR organization named after their training company.  RAT-SAR is a non-profit 501(c)3 specialized search, rescue, and training organization based on the lightweight principles of mountain rescue. While Randall's Adventure & Training offers training for RAT-SAR, RAT-SAR is a separate entity from Randall's Adventure and Training and is solely controlled by its Executive Board. Learn more about RAT-SAR, it's mission, and the members by visiting the RAT-SAR website. RAT-SAR does not charge for any search and rescue services performed. Donations to RAT-SAR are tax deductible. Please click the button below to help us out.


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