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Survival favors the prepared; success favors the trained; fortune favors the bold.

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The RAT Team

Where adventure & training

Is a way of life. Join us for a class or an adventure!

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Who You Really Are

Why limit your outdoor experience to only the places your hiking shoes can take you? Learn how to get vertical.

SRT Course

Proven Gear

To take you there and back

For adventure, training and rescues.

Adventure & Rescue Gear

Train Hard

So Others May Live

Never stop experiencing, learning, training... the value of rescue is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Technical Rescue Course


Knows No Bounds

Test yourself in our Advanced Field Survival Course.

Advanced Survival Course


The Right Tools

Dispel the myths. Select the right gear and the right tactics the first time.

LE Sniper Course

Get Outside

Your Comfort Zone

Spend a week deep inside the largest jungle on Earth as you test your survival skills in the wilds of South America.

Jungle Survival Course

Push Past

Your Limits

Go beyond the bounds of minimum requirements. Experience is knowledge. Knowledge is the gateway to survival.

Tactical Rope Access Course


In Harsh Environments

Attitude always determines outcome. Embrace the misery, hone your mind, live another day.

Field Survival Course

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Outdoor, survival and vertical rope gear used by Randall’s Adventure & Training.More Info



A real world survival scenario focused on mindset, team reliance and minimal tools.

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Tropical wilderness survival in an organized format, deep in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

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Master your environment with skills such as shelter, fire, edibles, cordage, and more.

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Free training for all active duty law enforcement officers.

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Develop a foundational rope skillset that prepares you for life off the beaten path.

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A 5-day training course in rope rescue techniques for the rescue professional.

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Learn the skills and confidence to navigate and enjoy your off-trail experience.

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Advanced Field Survival takes you past the limits of our 3-day Field Survival course.

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New to defensive handgun carry? Then this is the class for you.

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Ready for adventure? Join us in the canyons of Utah.

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