Fire Making

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September 7, 2024

The ability to make a fire regardless of the weather conditions is one of the most important survival skills you can obtain.

In this class you will learn multiple ways of starting a fire, including matches, lighters, ferro rods, bow drill, hand drill, chemical, fire roll, bamboo fire saw, flint and steel, and sun permitting, solar.  You will also learn different firelays depending on the need.  Learning how to start a fire in multiple ways increases your overall knowledge and teaches you to always carry a lighter, ferro rod etc.  


Recommended gear:


Ferro rod 

Water container

Wet weather gear

Any food or snacks you may need 

For more information contact Patrick Rollins: Ph: (256) 613-3834, email: patrick@randallsadventure.comPlease read the FAQs before signing up.