Suunto MC2 Compass

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The Suunto MC-2 is the preferred compass for all Randall’s Adventure & Training classes. It is an extremely accurate and quality built compass that can be used for all map work,  azimuths, resection, baselines or any other land nav work. An MC-2 compass and a map, along with our Navigation Notebook and/or Nav Card Set or Compass Card set are all the land nav tools you need to explore backcountry and keep yourself found off-trail. If you are working both above and below the Equator, then we suggest the MC-2G Global Needle System. If your work is only above the equator, then the MC-2 Northern Hemisphere needle is all you need. As far as choice between metric and inch, this simply means the graduations enrgaved on the baseplate. When using a separate grid reader, either the metric or inch is just as good. Of all the compasses we’ve used in our land nav and survival courses, the Suunto MC-2 is by far the best.

The MC-2 compasses feature:

  • Clinometer
  • Large mirror
  • Jewel bearing
  • cm or inch scales engraved on the baseplate
  • Adjustable declination correction scale
  • Additional sighting hole for superior accuracy
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens and anti-slip rubber pads
  • Luminous two-color bezel ring
  • Detachable snap-lock in lanyard
  • Available with Global needle or Northern Hemisphere needle

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